Medical Consumables

Medical Consumables are the most essential items used in hospitals as there is high demand and high usage within the hospital environment and as such we strive to give the highest quality consumables to our clients and hospitals at all times and ensure we deliver quickly. Senatla Surgical has distributed medical consumables for over 5 years in the Gauteng Provincial region in both the public and private sector; most of these items are kept locally and we have a 48 hour delivery window for our clients. To make these promises a reality we have partnered with companies such as Halyard Health South Africa and by extension Kimberley Clack South Africa as well as 3M.


Surgicals form an integral part in the hospital environment as in most situations they are used during surgical operations, including in both Pre and Post Operation procedures, whether it is to shave the hair off before an operation or whether it is to suture up a patient after an operation , the gist of the matter is these things are used mostly in life threatening situations and as such adherence to the highest quality standards is paramount to us as Senatla Surgical, we still conform to a 48 hour delivery window and Gauteng government institutions are a true test to our levels of commitment when it comes to saving lives of all people living in this country that make use of our healthcare system.

Hospital Furniture

This is our pride as Senatla Surgical as over the years we have manufactured to our own specifications hospital beds, mattresses, fire retardant mattresses, elbow crutches and patient trolleys just to name a few, that we have taken to the market and clients have come back for more, our track record on these has well and truly been without blemish. There should never be a compromise when it comes to health and thus we have again partnered with more experienced and well established companies in bringing these products to life both in the local market and international market for our imports. It is however important to note that due to the nature of these products there is a longer waiting period for the manufacturing and importing process to take place before deliveries can be completed.

Servicing and Repairs of Equipment and Furniture

After sales service is another key element in the health sector, machines and equipment need to serviced on a yearly basis some even on a bi-annual basis. As Senatla Surgical we have a team with a lab that does our servicing of equipment to the extent that we now even service for other suppliers except ICU equipment such as Ventilators and Anaesthesia machines. Our work has not gone unrecognised we were given a contract to service a hospital during the 2016 in the Johannesburg District and in 2017 our team was intensively involved in the evaluation of all medical equipment in the Tshwane region and provide assessments of which it has been completed. On a month by month basis we are given machines to services by various institutions and we can guarantee our levels of competence are very high. Below is a short list of some of the machines that have come our way but our work is not limited to this list only.

Our Promise

During the next three years, Senatla Surgical intends to create an icon brand (Vision 2020) for itself, and this is a journey where we invite all stakeholders to join us, to share, to experience and be a part of. Our vision also includes among other things, empowering and helping as many South Africans along the way as possible through job creation, trainings and acts of goodwill such as donations and so forth.

Join us as we make South Africa great, we hope you will find most of the things you need on our website, please also drop us a mail if you need further assistance.